Register my appliance day

The Institute for White Goods Engineers are very happy in adding our support for Register my appliance day as an essential campaign that will save lives.

AMDEA (The Association of Manufactures of Domestic Appliances) are spear heading this campaign as an important but often missed step in the purchase of a new appliance.

As modern living advances the demand for appliance and white goods has increased, add to this the growing population, then it goes with out saying that we will see a rise in the number of faulty appliances hitting news headlines.

AMDEA members have invested millions of pounds in to developing environmentally friendly technology to greatly improve the efficiency of their appliances.

Technology has advanced from mechanically switched to electronically controlled circuits. This makes them more sensitive to their environment but does add greater control.

  1. an average new European washing machine consumes 44% less energy and 62% less water compared to an average washing machine made in 1985.
  2. in refrigeration, today’s best products consume only a quarter of the energy used by a typical refrigerator  made in 1990.

With more complex products on the market it is inevitable that from time to time faults will surface at component level.

Making the Register my appliance campaign vital.

Consumers lead busy lives and often filling in the registry card or going on line to register an appliance can be the last thing on their mind.

We have long felt that the registration proses should and could be done at the point of sale. In most cases the customers details have already been captured.

A simple API link to submit data to the manufactures portal could elevate the £100,000 spent on urging consumers to register their appliance.

This thought is backed up by a YouGov survey, carried out by AMDEA in December 2016, found that less than half (43%) of GB adults usually register their large domestic appliances, which leaves thousands of owners untraceable if a recall is required.

Electrical Safety First, Trading Standards and the Fire Services, including the 46 fire and rescue authorities across England and the Fire Services in Scotland and Wales all add their support to this campaign.

Registration is simple via this link

Register my appliance day

Once selected scroll to the Manufacture


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UK Government Launches New Product Safety Strategy

The Office for Product Safety and Standards was created in January 2018 by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, to enhance protections for consumers and the environment and drive increased productivity, growth and business confidence.

The Office takes forward the work of the previous Regulatory Delivery directorate, including Primary Authority and the Regulators’ Code.

We are responsible for building national capacity for product safety and for the development of products that support small business growth and implement the Industrial Strategy vision of simplifying regulation.

We work at the front line with businesses, local and national regulators and consumers to improve regulatory protections and support compliant businesses.

Kelly Tolhurst, The MINISTER FOR SMALL BUSINESS, CONSUMERS AND CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY says in her opening comments to the Product safety Strategy:

I am pleased to present the first strategy from the Office for Product Safety and Standards. This is an important milestone in our work to enhance and strengthen protections from unsafe goods and the harm they can inflict.

The safety of individuals, families and communities is a top priority for Government. As the new Minister with responsibility for product safety, I am looking forward to working with all of our partners to ensure that everyone can continue to buy and use goods with confidence, today and tomorrow. I want to see an approach to product safety regulation that equips the UK for the future, that embraces all the opportunity that innovation and technology brings us. We need to be thinking not only about the challenges of now but where our economy and our society will be in ten or twenty years, as part of delivering the critical ambitions of the Industrial Strategy.

We already have good protections in place and a healthy business environment that supports enterprise. But we must not be complacent – we must ensure that our approach to regulation responds to changing needs whilst delivering the safety outcomes that every citizen expects. This can only be achieved through determined action and a shared commitment to doing the things that matter, that drive change, and that improve outcomes. This includes firm action to tackle those who endanger the public, using the full suite of tools and powers available.

We have already seen the impact of committed partnership through the Working Group on Product Recalls and Safety – whose powerful recommendations laid the foundation for the Office – and I would like to thank the group for their contribution. I fully believe that collaboration and partnership will be key to delivering the aims set out in these pages.

The potential of increased national capacity for product safety is already being unlocked through the early actions of the Office and its partners – including the publication of the first Code of Practice for recalls and corrective action with the British Standards Institution and dedicated training for hundreds of front line officers, working with the Chartered Trading Standards Institute. Strengthening national capacity for product safety: Strategy 2018-2020 Page 3 of 31

Alongside this strategy, I am publishing a number of related documents. These include the first Delivery Plan for the Office, setting out its priority actions, an Incident Management Plan and a Strategic Research Programme. These build on early progress to provide the firm foundations needed to prepare us for the future. They show our commitment to delivering a trusted product safety system with protection, fairness and competition at its heart. 

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Amazon offering and instalation service

Amazone install Service
Amazon install service

Amazon seems to be going from strength to strength in its expansion plans by offering an instalation service on many of the products it sells through its website and other services.

For customers ordering a Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer, Dishwasher, Electric and Gas Oven and Range Installation to name a few. A typical washing machine install to an existing position is being charged at £60.00 with no removal of packaging or the old machine.

Other maintenance, cleaning and assembly services are also offered. It seems from our checks that not many postcodes are covered at present, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Midlands, Southend, Reading, Slough, Southampton, Watford, Medway, Colchester, Chelmsford, Guildford being the only postcode we could obtain a price on. Other areas will become available as service providers get involved.

Customers pay the installer for the service upon a satisfactory install which could mean an opportunity of service companies out there looking to take on more work.

From what we can see on their web site here, there are no up front costs to sell your services through Amazon but they do charge you up to 20% per sale.

Commenting in the ERT, on the move, Scott Webster, general manager of Amazon Home Services Europe, said: “We’re thrilled to be expanding Amazon Home Services to the UK as a simple way to book trusted, service professionals. Following our successful launch in the US, customers have told us they love the convenience and peace of mind that comes with trusted, professional installation of their products. We’re delighted to be able to offer this same experience to UK customers through a network of handpicked, local tradespeople and service providers.”

Will this be another nail in the high street retailers coffin as sales are moving more online or are bricks and mortar retailers going to have to offer more in an attempt to retain customers.

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Whirlpool AKM 274/IX Gas Hobs

Whirlpool branded stainless steel, built-in gas hobs with the model number AKM 274/IX. The affected appliances were manufactured between September 2014 and March 2016.

The model number can be determined either from the instruction manual or, if access is possible, it will be visible on the rating plate underneath the hob.

If access is not possible then consumers should firstly check if it is constructed from stainless steel material and 60cm wide with four gas burners.

It will also have controls on the right hand side, cast iron pan supports, and a black ignition button in the bottom right corner. Also the Whirlpool logo will be embossed (slightly raised) in the bottom right corner by the control knobs.

Whirlpool state that:

“Due to a technical issue in manufacturing, these appliances were produced with the wrong type of gas injector in the front left corner. The front left burner may emit levels of carbon monoxide above EU standards which could, in very rare usage conditions, present a low risk of adverse health effects through inhalation. There have been no reported incidents involving these products. Investigations have confirmed that the issue does not present a risk of fire or explosion.”

What to do:
The issue concerns the operation of the gas burner in the front left corner of the appliance (Circled in red in the above image).

If you have an affected appliance Whirlpool advises not to use the burner in the front left corner until it has been modified by a Whirlpool engineer.

Whirlpool State that all other burners are unaffected and may continue to be used as normal in the meantime. However, Electrical Safety First always recommends that any recalled product should not be used until it has been checked by the manufacturer.

All consumers who own this appliance should visit:

or contact Whirlpool’s customer care team on:

0800 316 3885

to check if the model number (and serial number) of their appliance is involved in this product safety campaign.

Consumers can select a convenient time for an engineer to visit their home free-of-charge.
Electrical Safety First

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