CPD Accredited

The Training Academy CPD Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that our Domestic White Goods Repair Training course has been accredited by CPD.  This we feel is a major step forward in bringing a base level of education to new entrants into the domestic white goods repair sector.

As populations grow within the uk so does the need for domestic white goods with in new households.  An ever increasing pool of domestic white goods engineers are required to service and maintain these appliances which has created a shortfall within this sector. This in turn is driving wages up as companies compete for engineers.

Add to this the increasing number of recalls and safety notices being issued for appliances such as the recent and ongoing Hotpoint/Indesit tumble dryer safety modification which effected an estimated several million appliances covering a period from April 2004 – October 2015. Currently Beko, LG, Caple, Siemens, Bush and Logik to name a few all have active safety notices. These all add to the ongoing increase in white goods engineers that are required to fulfil demand.

Thats just in warranty work, add to this the millions of appliances that are out of warranty that still require service and maintenance and the figures are staggering. There are over 25 million homes in the uk if each own 3 appliances, a cooker, washing machine and a fridge / freezer thats a minimum of 75 million appliances. The figure is probably closer to 125 million appliances. if just a 1/5th  required a visit in any one year thats 15,197 engineers that would be required.

Why do we need an accredited training program?

Every other industry has standards that they have to adhere to and meet, the Domestic White Goods sector should be no different.

With increased news publicity regarding fires caused by domestic white goods, this sector has to ensure issues are not created following a repair.

We live in a blame culture, insurance companies and manufactures are increasingly asking for proof of competency from engineers.

Personal and employee development are very important in keeping standards high and employees engaged.

If this is an area you feel you would be interested in have a look at our training courses.

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V-ZUG confirm WEEE compliance

Weee logoPremium kitchen domestic appliance manufacturer, V-ZUG, will be registered as a WEEE Producer and awarded its WEEE compliance certificate with effect from June 1st, 2017.


The certificate is awarded to manufacturers of large appliances who agree to comply with strict WEEE environmental and waste standards.


The management of WEEE is applied via the waste hierarchy, with particular emphasis upon reduction of waste arising, re-use of equipment and recycling (recovery) of materials: reduce, re-use and recycle.


In January 2012, proposals were debated by the European Parliament to recast the WEEE Directive. The proposals included increasing recycling rates. Having been adopted by member states, the re-drafted directive now requires higher recovery rates of 20kg per capita per annum as opposed to previous figures of 4kg per capita.


Speaking on behalf of V-ZUG, UK & Ireland Sales Director Rhys Evans comments “The well-being of the environment and waste management/disposal is extremely important to V-ZUG, hence the application and granting of the WEEE certificate. Domestic appliance manufacturers have a responsibility to do all they can for future generations and being part of the WEEE compliance scheme demonstrates our commitment to such ideology.”


For further information about V-ZUG’s new and existing appliance solutions and its stockists, please call 0843 289 5759 or visit www.vzug.com

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Oven, Cooker and Range Installation.

Oven, Cooker and Range Installation
Oven, Cooker and Range Installation

A question we often get asked is “Do you need to be Part P registered to install Ovens, Cookers and Range Cookers.”

Part P only covers the design, installation or change of wiring within a domestic dwelling. So their is no requirement to register a new electric appliance or be a registered electrician to install a Oven, Cooker or Range Cooker.

That been said you do need to be a competent person who has been trained in both safe isolation and installation.

We are getting an increasing number of companies that have just obtained contracts with councils or housing associations that need to prove that they are able to safely install Cookers and Ovens, our installation training course will provide that evidence you will require.

For information on training courses click here.

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Apprenticeships, is training the way forward?

One of the most common questions I get asked is “Do you have any newly trained engineers that you could recommend”

In the white goods / domestic appliance repair, service and installation sector, we have found ourselves in a situation where companies have more work than they can handle due to a lack of available engineers / technicians.

This is due to a number of factors, for many years since the end of the old YTS schemes companies have found it financially difficult to invest in training of apprentices. We also have an ageing workforce that are starting to retire who need replacing with engineers and the population is expanding year on year which means more housing and more appliances that need both installing, servicing and repairing.

Companies are now looking to training companies like ours to deliver a foundation course to give apprentices and engineers who are cross training, a good grounding in white goods / domestic appliance repair, service and installation.

We have students that fund there own training to enable them to approach companies or allow us to recommend them with both training and experience.

Some of the companies that take advantages of our newly trained engineers offer to refund the training costs of students that have funded there own training once they have completed a probational period.

Other companies look for potential apprentices / engineers who have the right attitude and send them to us to get the basics and then continue their training with other engineers on the job.

Because their is more positions than engineers we only have two options, increase salaries to attract existing engineers or train new talent. With the latter you are getting some one that isn’t coming with baggage or bad habits. It may take longer to get them earning for the company but in the long run, a valuable addition to your team.

To view or book a training course please click here.



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Trade Stand at Whitegoods Trade Association

Whitegoods Training AcademyYet again the Whitegoods Trade Association had a good turnout with many new faces including a visit from Alice Beer, ITVs  consumer journalist looking for an engineer’s view on the Hotpoint Tumble Dryer modification.

We at the Whitegoods Training Academy had a lot of interest in Appliance Repair Training. The overwhelming message that came from the conference was that repair organisations just can’t get the engineers as the industry is loosing its workforce due to retirement.

It has long been said that the country as a hole isn’t investing in apprentices mainly because of the costs involved and the fear that after they have invested £1000.00 in training that they will leave. This is a valid argument but at the same time if an apprentice has proved his worth you will continue to invest and incentivise him or her to stay loyal to your company.

We may need to consider our management style. Do your staff feel appreciated? Are you paying them there worth? Rather than increasing basic pay you could look at incentives for first time fix rates and achieving targets.

If all training companies took on at least one apprentice this would increase the available workforce for the future. So if you did loose a person you have trained to another company there should be others available that they have trained. But this will only happen if we all train apprentices.

The aim though is not to loose our staff, to make the workplace enjoyable, a place they look forward to going to. This may mean that you need to look within your organisation. Look at the office politics, look at who is negative and all ways talks people down and cause conflicts. You will need to address there issues first, train them and if they aren’t willing to change there attitude, replace them. Obviously you would need to follow the correct disciplinary procedures to do this.

Once a great place to work has been established you shouldn’t have any problems retaining staff.

We at the Whitegoods Training Academy have been thinking long and hard as to how we can assist you in training. One way for companies is allowing you to spread the cost of training over 3 payments. This should help you to offset your training cost and allow the student to start earning for you before you make all the payments. Give us a call so that we can discuss this further. 01652 409227

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Train as a White Goods Service Engineer

Train as a White Goods Service Engineer and start a new and rewarding career.

The domestic appliance repair sector is starting to see its work force decline as white goods service engineers retire. This is putting huge pressure on service managers as they struggle to meet their customers and clients needs.



Every household will at some point need a visit from a service engineer either with an in warranty repair or an out of warranty repair. It is estimated that there is over 25 million homes in the Uk and that figure is growing as every day passes. Most homes will have an average of 5 appliances including a washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, oven, hob, extractor, fridge freezer, microwave and a vacuum cleaner. With an average of only 5 appliances thats a staggering 125 million appliances that will at some point need a white goods service engineer to visit.

Who can re-train?

Who can retrain to become a White Goods Service Engineer? The simple answer is anyone even if you don’t come from a service background. Now it is true that not all are suited to service and repair work but if you are able to use a spanner and can wire a plug then we can teach you the rest.

We have had a fork lift truck driver go on to work for Hoover Candy and an office worker get a job with Whirlpool Group. Others that have service experience but not necessarily in white goods have been able to re-train and get good jobs with Appliance repair companies.

Age isnt a barrier either, if anything the older you are the better as customers can relate and have confidence in someone older. That doesn’t mean if you are young you can’t do well either. You will get out what you put in.

The Rewards

What are the rewards as a White Goods Service Engineer? Your salary will depend on your experience. 32k is the highest I have seen but typically around £22-£25K for someone with experience and a starting wage of £17k for a trainee, of course location will also have a bearing on your salary.

As part of our service we will do our best to find you a placement and advise you as much as we can.

So the rest is upto you, book your course place now here.

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